New video games not only provide fun and excitement for the player but also provide certain advantages. With advanced technology taking center stage, the gaming industry has grown rapidly over the years. The video games come in different categories, which we explore today to help you choose the right category.


This is fast paced and contains many graphic scenes of violence and more. These aren’t perfect for children and usually, come rated M for mature.


These games aren’t as graphic and take the player into a land of fantasy and surrealism. Though they might also contain some violence, it isn’t as intense and graphic as action games.


This is one of the most common video games at the moment. This is the game where you see the action from the eyes of the character you are representing and involves the use of weapons to kill the enemy. It usually involves shooting, and you have the task of shooting first or being shot first. Due to the graphic nature and the violence, these kinds of games aren’t suitable for kids.

Construction and Management Simulation (CMS)

Under this game, you are supposed to construct and come up with a project in a community using the resources you have been given. The faster you finish the project, the more points you achieve.


The aim of the game bases on strategy as compared to violence. The games are not fast-paced, just slow to give you the time to think strategically. Most don’t have any violence. Due to the level of thinking expected of the user, the games aren’t suitable for children.


You get to simulate real-world scenarios. You can simulate racing, flying and many more scenarios. They are suitable for children and adults as well. These games have become common and are a major source of excitement and fun.

Platform Games

These games consist of moving from one platform to the next. The platforms are of varying heights, some being obstacles.


These are class games that require you to solve a puzzle. This is ideal for children who learn through these puzzles.


You can enjoy many games as a kid or as an adult. All you need to do is find the right category and stick to it. Each category comes with various kinds of games that you should try out. Some games are ideal to be played by an individual while some are ideal for two or more people.