More and more people are using Instagram for other things that it was intended for. Instead of simply sharing holiday photos or pictures of their pets or children more people start to use it to blog as they’ve witnessed the power of Instagram first hand. It might even take over Facebook at some point as the more time I spend on Facebook, the more updates I start to see from my aunts and grandmother. I mean give me a break, it’s not that I don’t love them but enough is enough.

So perhaps the time is ripe to switch to another platform where more of the younger folks are active. After all their generation is supposed to be the future right? No idea where that is going to end but that’s a discussion for a different topic, something titled like Millenials are going to destroy the earth.

Enough said: How to Micro-Blog at Instagram

First, you have to realize that the attention span of most users at Instagram is limited at best. If there is no picture attached to the post forget it. Now that you know this you can adjust your strategy. Micro-blogging is not for starters, it’s for people with an established fan base. If you are brand new and have a dozen follower friends it might be a better idea to first share stunning photos, lure those followers in, and then you slowly make the transition to becoming a micro-blogger, simply because they know your name by now and might be more interested in what you have to say.

A quick overview of what to blog

I’m going to make a bullet point list for you and I suggest you print it out and stick it to your refrigerator or something as it’s easy to forget while it’s crucial to remember. One mistake and you’re toast 😉

  • Start with the most important stuff you have to tell, no fluff allowed.
  • Ask people for their opinion, always get the crowd engaged.
  • Make sure they learn something from what you post, ranting you can do on your own blog.
  • Tell them about your life, no boring anecdotes, please.
  • Give away stuff, everyone loves promotions now and again.

Some other things you can do as well to make it stand out:

Don’t forget to put your link in your bio section and use hashtags, these are the cream & butter of Instagram. There’s also a thing called location tags so make sure to include them as well, especially if you run a business in your area.

Okay enough already, this should definitely help you to get started so good luck with it!