A plate carrier has a variety of uses – both light like playing paintball or hard like carrying out the duty of an law-enforcement agent (in case you are one). But whatever be the purpose of using a plate carrier, you need to consider certain things before getting one.

Here are some factors you must keep in mind when buying a plate carrier:

The weight of the plate carrier is important for if it is too heavy, it can affect your mobility on the ground, irrespective of what you are doing. A plate carrier is generally involved with an activity which requires speed and a heavy equipment can defeat that very purpose. In case you are on a mission which involves your life, then this factor becomes all the more crucial to keep in mind. A light vest will also make it less burdening and cause less exhaustion. Carrying other goods in the vest also becomes easier.

Look for plate carriers that have heat-management features, especially if you are set to use it in hot conditions. There are plate carriers that come with ventilation system or hydration bladders and can be handy in trying conditions. If you are looking for the best reviews on plate carrier and body gear, visit platecarrierzone.com.

Pick a plate carrier which can be used in a discrete fashion so that you do not fall vulnerable during a serious mission. By using it in a discrete fashion means to ensure that you are wearing a vest without making it obvious. For, if the opponents understand that you are wearing one, they would target the areas where you are uncovered putting your life under threat and making the very point of protection futile.

Your choice of the plate carrier depends what kind of mission you are on. If the threats you are going to face light, a soft type is enough for your protection. But if it involves something far more serious, then one needs plate carriers of higher levels to ensure total protection.

Ensure that the plate carrier you are picking is of the best-quality material. Plate carriers are generally made of steel, ceramic or polyethylene. Each of the material has different uses and advantages and your pick should depend on the nature of your using them. Poly plates are much lighter than either the steel or ceramic ones and give them advantages when used as plate-carrier materials.