Instagram is an internet-based sharing service that allows users to upload pictures and video either publically or privately and facilitates the sharing of information, ideas, services, and products. The social media network, recently acquired by Facebook, instills envy and imitation with every upload of your perfectly crafted insta-worthy picture from your latest vacation to Napa Valley.

For those with businesses or causes, Instagram can showcase products and services, connect them with their audience, increase brand visibility and recognition, and create hashtags associated with their brand. According to Coschedule, the optimal posting frequency for Instagram, based on 14 social media posting studies, is 1-2 posts per day between 8:00 – 9:00 am and 2:00 am. Who wants to get up at 2 am just to post on Instagram? Luckily, there are Instagram automation apps that can save time, increase engagement with followers, and gain attention from people who previously hadn’t heard of you. There are a number of Instagram automation apps available but as Tech Geek 365 points out, certain features are better than others.

Features to look for:

Save time – How much time do you spend liking, commenting, following, unfollowing, hashtagging and geolocating your posts? Fortunately, each of these tasks can be automated! While the comments from an Instagram bot can sometimes be a little stiff and insincere, they do engage your followers and a stiff reply or comment is better than no comment at all! By allowing the Instagram automation to have control over all your activities on Instagram, it can offer multiple customizable solutions on how to gain followers, comments, and likes.

Follows rules – When choosing an Instagram automation app, be sure that the app doesn’t break any significant Instagram rules, like exceeding limits on the number of hashtags allowed on a post or excessively like photos (limit is 350 likes/hour). This could cause you to be banned, blocked or worse, being disabled from posting on Instagram altogether.

Mobile friendly – Ensure that the automation app is mobile friendly. A mobile phone is what a majority of people use to take pictures for Instagram, and the upload process from a mobile should be very easy.

Customer support – The automation app should also have a good customer support. Having good customer support means the app developer respects you and your content.

Above all, maintaining your Instagram credibility with your followers is the most important thing that Instagram automation can do.