Industrial printing is a versatile industry that needs only the best ink. The ink you get needs to be suitable for the task at hand and has a long staying power even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Industrial printers have a high-speed printing capability that is specially developed for large format markets such as signage and banner graphics. These printers also provide excellent productivity and high efficiency. With this said, you need to make sure you find high-quality inks for industrial printing needs.

The right ink comes with the ability to provide an attractive finish and should be weather resistant. Along with this, the right ink gives you a cost-efficient option while reducing the running costs.

Here are the top reasons why you need to visit Needham Ink for high-quality inks for your needs.

Excellent Durability

Industrial printers are generally used to print signage and banners for outdoor use. This means that the resulting prints need to be high quality to withstand the rough conditions outdoors. The ink needs to be water resistant without the need for lamination.

Since the inks will be used in varied conditions, they need to be weather resistant as well. They ought to resist cold, heat and all sorts of climates.

High-quality inks, such as the ones that you get from Needham Ink don’t fade after a few days’ exposure to the sun or rain. The ink provides you with all the properties you need and many more.

Wide Color Range

High-quality inks offer you a wide colour gamut that is perfect for wide format printing. This means you can use the ink for your industrial printing needs. High-quality industrial ink gives you the purity in colours that will make the graphics vibrant as well as attractive to look at.

Vivid Results

If you are looking for vividness, then you need ink that can work on a high-resolution industrial printer. The ink you choose should handle the high ink coverage per inch which results in clearer and crisper final graphics.

Enjoy High-Density Colors

If you are performing high-density printing, then you need ink that can provide this. High-density colours are suitable for signage and banners that are meant for outdoor use.

The Bottom-line

If you are in the business of industrial printing, then you need the right ink that complements the industrial printer that you use in the business. With the right kind of ink, you get the best resolution and the resulting images are clear an attractive.