Meat slicer is a device, which helps to cut given products very exactly and beautifully. To put it all together – professionally. Agree that not every wife is capable of it, even having armed with the sharpest knife ever.

Each of us saw such meat slicers of the big size more than once in large supermarkets where seller cuts to you the pleasant piece of cheese or a sausage.

Modern manufacturers of household appliances decided to make happy the buyers and thought up more compact models of slicers for use in house conditions.

Why the meat slicer is necessary for house use?

Meat slicers are intended for rapid and beautiful cutting the variety of different products into thin slices of identical thickness. And you can establish this thickness by yourself!

Therefore for esthetic reasons we smoothly turn to a question of economy. It is unlikely that your husband or child will begin to think whether piece of sausage which appeared on their sandwich is too thick. The family budget in your hands!

And here you cut sausage for the day and put slices into container. And it is very convenient for a holiday table. If you buy several types of expensive meat products, then there is not always enough money to buy all delicacies on a solid piece. And to cut small and thin piece is not as easy as it may look.

By the way, meat slicer can also cut bread for sandwiches.

Do you still ask why the house slicer is necessary?

Except for sausages, cheeses, ham, on sandwich very tasty it is also useful to put a cucumber, tomato, onions. The clever device will cut all this so thinly and accurately that your child will ask less often expensive and harmful hamburgers from fast food.

Not everyone manages to cut beautifully and appetizingly fruits and vegetables for holiday table. And it is fruit jewelry for cakes, a citrus for cocktails and a lemon to tea and cognac, fish plates, etc. It is difficult to cut ripe pears, bananas, a kiwi, and also modern soft tomatoes with a thick thin skin without a waste when you are doing it by means of usual knife. Even small olives and boiled eggs in power to these household appliances.

Separate subject – onions. Many of us cry at its cutting that also complicates the process. With meat slicer, it is possible to receive the thinnest onions slices in salads and other dishes without even one tear.

The slicer is irreplaceable when it is necessary to cut into thin slices pepper, vegetable marrows, eggplants and other vegetables.

How to choose the slicer according to characteristics?

Even such, apparently, elementary device as meat slicer, has several nuances in the choice. The slicer has to be functional, compact and has stylish design. You can learn more about design of the most popular meat slicer models at

They are quite simple in use and possess characteristics, necessary for house application.  It is possible to learn how to use the slicer of concrete model, having attentively studied the instruction to it.

First of all, pay attention to a knife. It has to be from stainless steel of wavy sharpening (more universal), spicy and in the long term durable, it is desirable not demanding additional sharpening.

Knives, by the way, differ on functionality. In a set, there can be a ham, cheese knife, smoked products, fruit. Some types of knives can and be bought in addition if they are not in set. The main thing that the design allowed.

The main design is unambiguously stronger metal, but it more expensively. Plastic details should not cave in. It is very important for quality of cutting.

Thickness of cutting is regulated by the special control point adjustment, from 0,5 mm to 2,3 cm.

All models of meat slicers are equipped with the special button of inclusion / switching off, slicers work only at the buttons which are switched on and withheld by a hand because of the device very injury-causing.