Surviving in a noisy neighborhood is very hard and catching sleep becomes a nightmare. Such noises can be from steady traffic or even a noisy neighbor. Working in an office surrounded by manufacturing facilities which produces a high level of noise can also be irritating. You can reduce noise distractions using a white noise machine courtesy of the advancement in technology. There are a variety of brands in the market and selecting the best can be a nightmare for a first timer. The following are the major characteristics of a good white noise machine.

Multiple Sound Profiles

Some units will have more than 20 sound profiles while others will have as low as 5. The system generates these sounds in a dynamic manner which ensures that there is no repetition. This device will never bore you because the sounds do not form a pattern. Some of the most common sounds that this machine offers include ocean, thunder, brook, and summer. Devices found at Soothing Noises mask unwanted sounds from outside and helps you work in a peaceful environment.


These machines are usually small and light which makes them easily movable from one room to the next. You can use the unit in your home office during working hours, living room at night and bedroom when you retire to bed. Such units are also ideal for camping and holiday getaways.


The unit will respond very fast to the outside environment. The system turns on automatically once it detects noises in the surrounding environment. The machine will react according to the type or level of noise it detects. The automatic feature ensures that you concentrate on your work without having to leave your workstation.

Multiple Charging Ports

Traditional models come with a special charging cord depending on the model. Advancement in technology has seen the introduction of units which support USB charging using a personal computer or any other compatible device. This feature makes the newer models a good pick when traveling.

Automatic Timers

You can set the white sound machine to shut off automatically after thirty, forty-five or even an hour. You can save on batteries and comes in handy when you want to concentrate for a given duration.

White noise machines allow people to focus, relax or even sleep better within a noisy environment. Models vary from one manufacturer, and they also have different capabilities. Some units are ideal for commercial use while some are fit for a residential setting.