It is no secret that straight teeth add a tad more of aesthetic value to your smile as well as improves oral health since teeth cleaning becomes easy as a duck takes to water. What is more, periodontal diseases are kept at bay when your gums and teeth are in fine fettle. Braces help in teeth alignment, but not all are created equal because traditional versions can be unattractive and painful. The dental world is drifting from metal braces in favor of invisalign and here are the reasons why.


Metal braces have protruding metal bits and wire that could scratch or even puncture your gums. Inclining towards invisalign London offers its clients doesn’t expose you to this risk as there are no sharp edges whatsoever. Metal braces are infamous for using force to have teeth straightened and this can cause damage. Invisalign is a smooth operator that ensures the process is devoid of such.

Treatment Duration

Truth be told, use of metal braces means the treatment could last up to 5 years. You will be glad to know that invisalign usually takes a year and a half at the most to make teeth as straight as a gun barrel.


Though conventional braces can solve the problem, having wire in your mouth keeps you on edge since you’ll constantly be worried about how you look. Eating is also another concern since metal braces usually get laced with food particles. Instead of grappling with such issues, it would be prudent to go for invisalign since most people won’t be able to tell that you’ve them on. Though someone might notice, they are definitely more attractive when compared to other options available.

Know What Is Expected

When it comes to dental procedures, patients are usually worried what the outcome will be. Fortunately, invisalign comes with no surprises because the procedure is fully computerized. You literally have a preview of what you will get and thus know if this is the best option. Metal braces is a guessing game considering that you never know of the end result.


Invisalign are removable if need arises and this is not the case with their metal counterparts considering removal can only be done by a professional. Lots of convenience comes with this option because you could remove when time to drink or eat comes.

If you have always wondered of a better alternative to metal braces, invisalign is the way to go. The above mentioned are the many advantages you will enjoy by preferring this.