The fashion industry is always lucrative and no wonder thousands of people make a decent living out of it. Clothing is a basic need and people always desire to look good and appear decent which makes fashion designers be always on the toes designing outfits that appeal to the customer base. Establishing a social presence was very hard in the past but now thanks to the internet age, it is no longer a major concern. Fashion designers are flocking the social media space and Instagram is their favorite spot. The following are smart ways to use Instagram as a fashion designer


    1. Market your products


Fashion design is a wide sector and you may request someone to narrow down what he or she does to understand it fully. Depending on your target market, you can design a marketing strategy that suits the purpose. Verified business accounts allow users to insert purchase buttons but do not worry if you have not yet attained that status. Make sure you take clear photos and accompany them with winning captions and also include prices whenever applicable. Search for trending hashtags and use them creatively to make your posts visible for longer durations. Have a mix of marketing and educative language to win more hearts.


    1. Create a community of followers

Unless you are selling your attire to robots, then you need to create a personal relationship with your followers. They need someone who can understand their problems, communicate with and offer insights on matters concerning fashion. You can achieve all these through the comments section and the direct message as well. You also need to grow the number of followers as it increases your chances of closing a sale. But where do you get all the time to search for new followers? Services such as can help you get more organic followers and keep your audience engaged and grow your account.


    1. Learn emerging trends


The fashion industry is very dynamic and what is trending today may appear outdated in a month’s time. You thus have to keep watching the trends or else you end with dead stock and incur losses. Watch out what the celebs and market leaders are rocking and you will never go wrong with fashion. Follow trendsetters in your niche as they help you promote your products and reach a wide customer base. Get in touch with other players such as fabric producers and distributors as they also play an important role in this space.