Ladders are a great tool to work at height. They help you in doing your work much efficiently and safely. These are not the new equipments. It has been used in the homes and workplace since long time.  But the innovations in the design of ladders have increased its utility in the modern world.

Designs of the ladder

Some of the ladders are just designed to take you to the desired height while the other types of ladders help you to actually access the place. Hence, depending upon your requirement you can select the right ladder for use. With the continuous improvement in the ladder designs, now there are multiple types of ladders which serve different purposes. Visit for knowing different kinds of ladders. Some of the popular designs of ladders are as follows;

  • Step ladder: It is the most commonly used type of ladder in house and in the work areas. In the step ladder, there is a ladder on the either side and these are capable of self standing. There is neither need of any support nor they require to be leaned against the wall. These can be easily placed in the center of the room for doing work.
  • Step stool ladder: This type of ladder has the sitting area on the top so that you can perform the work at height with more convenience. It is different from the step ladder only in terms of the small stool which is installed at the intersection of the two ladders on the either side.
  • Extension ladder: It is the type of ladder that can be easily adjusted according to the height you want to reach. Smaller models of this type of ladder are extended manually while the bigger models are operated through machines. These types of ladders are used by the cleaning companies, Fire brigades and search and rescue teams.
  • Ladder with wheels: These are the types of ladders which are ideal when you need to move at the height. Wheels make the ladder convenient to move from one location to another very easily.  Since, these are light in weight and movable so there is a risk of dispositioning of the ladder while working. Therefore, wheel lock feature is available in this model of the ladder for maximum safety at work.

Now, the ladders are available in the easily foldable models that make it easy for the storage without occupying much space.