A pressure cooker is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial and useful appliances in the kitchen. This appliance helps people cook food in a quick and hassle free manner and, it reaches a higher temperature quite easily that can be achieved on the stovetop. All these aspects make pressure cooker an ideal time-saving appliance that offers healthy cooking. In order to find the best electric pressure cooker available in the market, people need to read updated and impartial pressure cooker reviews in 2015 and such reviews always contain quality information with a detailed description of different features.

Pressure settings and gauge

More than one pressure setting can always be associated with the best electric pressure cooker and that is exactly why people can cook high pressure recipes like pot roasts and stews as well as low pressure recipes like custards. Another important feature that can be found in top cookers is the quick release setting and the pressure can be quickly reduced to save delicate foods. People also need to check whether the electric pressure cooker that they plan to buy contains an accurate gauge.


Many people prefer a six-quart cooker because it serves the requirements of a small family. For one or two people, four quarts is the best option and bigger families always need eight-quart appliances. An eight-quart model also fulfills the need for preparing food for office, parties or other similar large groups and the capacity needs to be determined based on the exclusive requirements of the buyer.

Sturdy handle

Top electric pressure cookers always have big, sturdy and strong handle. People have to depend on the handle to move the pressure cooker when it is hot and flimsy handles will not serve this purpose at all. Larger handles always help people keep their hands away from the body of the pressure cooker so that the chances of getting burned are avoided.

Interlock mechanism

It is always advisable to identify a pressure cooker having a cover interlock mechanism. Since this feature locks on the cover of the cooker, the pressure does not spring the lid and it can be described as an important safety feature.


Although non-stick coating offers a few benefits, it does not hold extreme pressure and heat and, it poses a health hazard by degrading in a quick fashion. People also find it hard to use certain utensils when they use cookers with this type of coating. At the same time; many top quality pressure cookers that offer highly beneficial features are non-stick and that is why some people compromise on this aspect.


Top manufacturers offer extra features to safeguard the interests of the customers and they include baskets, racks and many more. People should also assess warranty schemes of different manufacturers before arriving at a conclusion and it is always advisable to buy the best electric pressure cooker that offer a long life span and minimal maintenance as well. Although quality does not come cheap, reliable manufacturers have come up with products that offer a harmonious blend of quality and affordability and, people should always focus on buying such a product.