You have just been certified as a developer and you don’t know exactly which way to move in order to get the succeed you want. This confusion is understood because it is hard to know right away what a client expects and what you need to do. A good way to avoid mistakes is to know when they happen. Here are common mistakes that freelance developers make.

Setting a Price That Is Too High or Too Low

You are just getting into the field; you have expectations while at the same time you want to please. You are tempted to lower the price of a task just because you want to land your first gig. You might also over-rate yourself so that you ask for a rate that pushes the client away. You need to keep in mind that you need to be paid what you deserve depending on the level of skills and your experience.

Take time to ask around so that you can understand what new entrants get paid for projects. Craft your rate depending on the overall opinion.

Staying Modest

The client is looking for a developer who is confident of his abilities. He is not looking for a developer who is shy and unsure of what he is best at. You need to know you abilities and be confident in your skills so that the client can also be confident of the results he needs.

Fearing to Say No

Many new developers are not ready to reject a job because they think they destroy their reputation. Developing an app or any other program needs time and commitment. With this said, you are not compelled to take each job that comes your way. Don’t take the task if you don’t have time because you end up with a shoddy program that spoils the reputation you have started to build.

Instead, you need to learn to say no politely especially when you have another task that you are handling.

Not Keeping in Touch

One of the complaints that are raised by clients is that they give a freelancer a task only for him to disappear for weeks without any communication. This is wrong. You need to stay in constant communication with the client because changes might come along.

In Closing

Being a freelance developer is one of the most lucrative online jobs you can take up. With apps and programs being the norm these days, you won’t run short of jobs to handle.