As we all know, mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous flying insects in the world. Research shows that mosquito is responsible for hundred of million cases of malaria in the world. However, mosquitoes are also the carrier of more diseases in the world like the Zika virus, west Nile virus, yellow fever and much more. This article will show you various ways to prevent mosquito bites and this will prevent you from being one of the victim of it disease.

By Using Mosquito Repellant

One of the ways to prevent the mosquito from biting you is by applying repellant to uncovered skin when you are outdoor. You can get a good mosquito repellant from a camping or sporting goods store. Here are some of the things you need to know before making your purchases:-

–    Repellent containing between 30-50% of DEET last longer than those with lesser percentage and they are endorsed for adults and children that are over 2 months old.

–    DEET can cause irritation on the skin when applied in high concentration on the skin for a very long time. However, it can also cause serious skin reaction on some people.

Always wear long-sleeved shirt and long trousers when outdoor

If mosquito repellant irritates your skin, there are also several ways to prevent them and one of them is wearing loose long-sleeved shirts and long trouser when you are outside. It is the most suitable and comfortable way because it requires no special equipment or tools, what you need is just to cover your body from head to toe. However, one of the reason for wearing loose clothing is that mosquito often bites through clothing that are tight to the body especially if the clothing fabric is thin. In addition, if you will not mind, you can go for specially made clothing that are comfortable and can prevent mosquito bites from camping stores around you.

By using Electric Bug Zappers

Another way to prevent mosquito is the use of Electric bug zappers. Bug zapper, which is called Electric discharge insect control system is a device, which is designed to use light to attract and kill flying insect. Insect are attracted to an electrical grid by a light source where they are electrocuted when they touch two high voltage wires.  You can visit for shopping tips and Bug zapper reviews.

Sleep under treated mosquito net

The last but not the least I will recommend is sleeping under treated mosquito net. Mosquito net can sometimes be the most suitable preventive measure against mosquito because it has small fine holes that can allow air to pass through and can however prevent mosquito from passing through them. Moreover, Mosquito can actually bite you through a net if they are tightened to the skin and this can be prevented by hanging it and making it tented over your bed.