Birthday Party

Birthday parties are fun for any age, to be sure, but what’s even more fun is to build a theme around the birthday party. How do you go about doing this? Here are some great ideas:

–Start with the guest of honor. What does this person like to do? What are their passions or hobbies? Whether adult or child, everyone has their own personality, likes, and dislikes. Create a theme around whatever those traits are.

–Whether adults or children, music is always a good theme. Do they like rap? Hip hop? R&B? Country? Classical? Find out what type of music they like, and play it, give them CD’s of it, or even have a band come and perform.

–For kids, music and dancing go together. There are a lot of dance CD’s, and even videos that shows the kids dance moves, step by step.

–Another way to come up with a theme is a favorite movie or song. From Disney to classic, decorate and have gifts that reflect the theme.

–Does the person really love photography? Maybe you could blow some of their best photos up to poster size and hang them on the wall, or have a professional photographer come and take a group photo of the party, or give digital photo albums for gifts.

–A costume party is a good theme. Encourage the guests to dress up like their favorite movie or storybook character.

–A tropical paradise is a great theme. It’s relaxing, fun, and very colorful. You can serve tropical drinks and fruit trays as well, maybe even pass out grass skirts and have a dance contest.

–A pool party is a great idea. Have everyone bring their swimsuit and a towel, and for the gifts, you can put them all in one big sand pail or sandbox. Pass out cold drinks, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and you’ll have a theme to remember.

–Another theme possibility could be roller skating. You can rent an entire skating rink for one price and invite tons of family and friends. Order pizza or buy food there. Either way it will be a lively and fun time.

–A swing set party. Just set a picnic table near the swing set, and allow the kids to enjoy playing at the party. It keeps the ruckus outside, and gives everyone a chance to play and expend some energy. A brand new swing set is always a good gift idea. There are so many to choose from, it will be hard to decide which one to buy. Do you want one with or without a slide? With or without a clubhouse on top? ForĀ further facts, visit a review site online to read up on fun features and safety tips.

–Animal themes. This one is just for kids. You can have an outdoor party, complete with a small collection of animals brought over, turning your own back yard into a petting zoo. Nothing elaborate like an elephant, mind you. Something simple like rabbits or chicks or goats or birds even a miniature pony.