The year is 2018. During this time around, establishing social proof can help the marketing needs of your business big time. And with an Instagram account, you’re on the right track.

On top of letting you create a social media presence in a social network with billions of active participants worldwide, your Instagram account can help you level up. You can use your account to reach a target audience, market your product, enhance brand awareness, solidify a brilliant online reputation, and more.

And of course, you would want to save time, money, and effort, right? With Instagram automation tools, you can make it happen.

Here are three automation tools worth checking out.

1 – Planning & Scheduling System

Do you want a virtual assistant that can post content on Instagram on your behalf? If you do, an automation tool that acts as such is the ideal tool for you.

A more apt term for this type of tool is a planning and scheduling system. Other than post content for you, you can upload streaks of content and then schedule when each one should be posted. With such a system, managing your content and engagement becomes a breeze!

2 – Instagram Growth Service

Then there’s this type of tool that offers Instagram growth. This hands you the opportunity to reach out to a wider network of potential followers and customers.

Having just a few followers shouldn’t stunt your growth as a business. You could use a push, however, from genuine followers who are willing to engage with your account and allow your business to expand.

3 – Automatic Follow & Like

Lastly, an automation tool that can initiate automatic follows and likes is advantageous for you. Wouldn’t you feel good about the thought that you can get almost instantaneous follows and likes every time you share content?

You would! With this tool, many people on Instagram will start receiving the buzz about you — and ultimately, follow you. And each post will get a like.

What’s more is that type of tool allows you to receive traffic — organic traffic, to be exact. This means you won’t be paying for follows and likes per se. Rather, you’ll be paying for genuine visitors to check out your offer.

The Bottom Line

In this age, an Instagram account is an asset. But remember this: owning an Instagram account is just a start. Only if you do your part in managing it efficiently will there be promising rewards in the end.

Automation tools will definitely help you in this department. You may check out a post on Medium for more info about them.